Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scarves are HOT!

My Mom likes to be fashionable. Why not... she is young... in her 40's, I won't give away her age. But she is a good looking woman - I won't call her a cougar either! Ha.
She was recently in New York... Shopping... and I was put in the hospital while she was there. So, she came right from New York to see me, with all of her shopping bags... she is from Detroit, and I am in South Carolina.
Well, as usual, she had a bunch of stuff she wanted me to 'replicate'.
One of the items was a scarf like this: 
Now, the one she brought me had beads tied into the ends too.
So here are my replicas... they look so cute tied all different ways, and even worn as a skirt over pants. Ooo So Cute. 

I dare you to do a search for jersey torn knotted scarves and see how many looks are out there with these scarves and how easy it is to replicate your own... with cheap material and some craft beads!


Katie Cotton said...

super fun!!!

Sue said...

Wow these are gorgeous! How did you make them?
Sue x