Saturday, June 12, 2010

Big Happenings.

I am home from a relaxing week of Island living... ahhhhh. Now that is the life! My husband is ready to retire to the beach!
We took off as soon as school was out, and before our big MOVE. 
Yes, I said MOVE!
We are relocating to HOUSTON!!!
It seems my crafting just can not catch a break with all of the excitement lately! 
But, I do plan on doing LOTS of crafting this summer before our move!
If you are a Texas crafter.... leave me a comment or let me know your fave Texas hot spots!!! 
If you are a Houston area store owner, in need of copic certified instructor, or just a rockin' crafty chic extraordinaire... I am available! Ha.

We will be house hunting at the end of this month, and moving before the school year starts!

In re my bag below: some answered questions...
It was super easy... I stamped with memento, and then put a piece of cardboard in the bag and colored it, I went featherlite with the ink. Then I heat set it. It was super fast.


Katie Cotton said...

SO happy for you and your family!!

Michelle said...

Hi...I live in Houston. What part of the city are you looking to move to?

Rachel said...

@Michelle ... we are house hunting in Katy and Sugarland in a week and half !!!!

Michelle said...

Oh cool! I live in Katy too! I co-founded a scrap group here called LMN-O-Pea. Would love to have you come and crop with us once you get settled into your new digs :)