Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knotted Jewelry!

Add to list of things I love... ribbon and beads!
ooh La La.
These Necklaces are just ribbon and beads! The ribbon is double over and tied in knots to hold beads in place! 
These are for my Mom's Boutique. I put Arelia's pretties tags on them... My daughter Arelia, calls these her pretties... she LOVES pretties. She has one of her own! 

These are super easy to make and Hobby Lobby has bags of these beads in variety for really cheap and they were 50% off!!! The ribbon was the .25 cent kind!
Can you spot my little Arelia's hand, as she grabs her pretty off the mat.


Katie Cotton said...

these are absolutely adorable! I'm sure they'll sell great in your mom's boutique!

Beth said...

So cute! I'd buy them-that's for sure.

I also like your blog's new look. Very nice!

Heidi said...

Rachel- these are so pretty.