Monday, April 26, 2010

Make-up, meet Crafter.

Hello 'Make-up Addiction', I am a MAD CRAFTER. I will find a way to make you into a craft project... I WILL. 
So, with that said, I did. I recently fell in love with Mineral Make-up. They are loose powders. So I decided to 'press' them into a palette. I took Bare Escentuals 'Get the Look' Color combos... let's just say I 'face-lifted' them... kinda like scrap-lifting.  I pressed them into an empty makeup tin... so they are no longer loose powder. I decorated 2 sets with my cricut and some vinyl... this is the cherry blossom palette.. one holds 12 and the smaller holds 4 colors and has a mirror/applicator. 
 This Set is Cupcake/Beautiful. Same number of colors 12 and 4.
What I love about the vinyl is that I can peel it off easily and change the look... just like you can with the removable colors!!!

Here are the colors that I pressed inside if you are interested!
'The looks' are in rows of three going top to bottom. I used the far less expensive than BE colors from The She Space Clearance Section.
If you need an empty palette for your own makeup, or one that you can choose your colors... check out Coastal Scents or Stars MakeUpHaven.

PS.  I also used my airbrush on some vinyl pieces..... I am in heaven.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Loving the EARTH this week!

It has been a long few weeks for me! Phew. I am more than exhausted. We had a whirl wind trip to Disney this weekend... I am talking 2 days!!! With two kids (6 and 1) traveling by myself as usual!!!
We arrived back home on Monday, to a clean house - but no Daddy - he had to fly out on Sunday to Texas for work! So, I am on my own all week with the kiddos too!!!
My project today is for Earth Day! Why not?
Bind-it-all Cereal Box Notebook.
Why Not turn those cardboard cuties into some notebooks!! I recently saw ones like these on SALE on Etsy. And I thought, who would PAY for that... so Recycle your boxes/etc today!

Update on my 1 year old Daughter: The Doctor would prefer not to Xray, But she severely injured her ankle and can not walk on it or flatten it out. We have another check up on it this week!

Friday, April 16, 2010


So my week has been mad crazy. Spring break ended and my boy had 2 field trips this week, and an awards ceremony at school, he also had a fundraiser!!
We are suppose to fly to disney tomorrow to meet up with my Mom, just the kids and I... and of course... life is hectic. 
Today my One year old fell off a high bed, and is currently being checked out at the hospital right now!
Pray for my pretty if you the praying type!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring is HERE... time to share a few of my favorite things!!

Every season, it seems that I find new things to love... clothes-makeup-more!!!
This season I love TOO much!!!

Warning: I am NOT Trendy! I do not think that KNOWING what is Trendy actually MAKES you trendy... in fact, I have NO desire to be Trendy! I have a 15 year old Sister = Trendy! I am into simple, sophisticated and pure looks. Trends come and go, I want timeless grace... does anyone know if there is an online retailer for that?

First MINERAL Make-up, I LOVE it.
TSS Colors are on Clearance for $2! Go Vegan at Orglamix!
Top it off with the best Gloss ever!!
Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish My Fave: DOLLY!!

I am OVER my dry winter skin! On to spring! This 2-minute miracle is AWESOME! - Watch the video at the website!!!
I have tried the Aloette version of the enzyme peel, and it is great... this is cheaper and you get the big pump of the body version, which is GREAT for my dry feet!

We all know I am kind of a Hippie-Chic... I love organic... yada yada.
This is my new fave: Gaia Conceptions! Everything there is amazing.

I LOVE it... and I will own it soon!!

This is my Favorite necklace currently! I get a lot of Compliments when I wear it.
When I am in Michigan visiting 'home', I always make a trip to the Jewelry store by Forever 21... it is a whole shop full of shiny stuff... and I am easily distracted by shiny objects!!
I am all about looking better, and adding some embellishments to myself! And this is the cheapest and most selection I have found!

Baby Leggggs - I love these... Yes it is spring, but it gets cold at night still! Sydney So Sweet has the best price and the cutest bows, clippies and crocheted head bands!!!
These baby legs work great as leg warmers or arm extensions... you can not even tell that your kid doesn't have an undershirt on under that short sleeve top! And they slide off with ease!

Last but certainly not LEAST, my LOVE for spring was a gift from my LOVE.
He brought me some Luscious SOAP AND LOTION from Spain - From Enjabonarte! It is amazing, I promise... not into international shopping? - check out LUSH!

Yes, I love and adore Bamboo shirts, organic fabric, handmade soaps and vegan make-up.... and am so glad that the going green is far more popular now! It makes my favorites affordable!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday... keeps showing up every week!!!

Morning Sunshines!
We are slowly getting back into the flow of the school week here, spring break was fun-fun-fun!
It was also exhausting!
Today, I have an Easel Card with a hidden drawer to show you! 
My son loves this one!
You can see why! I filled it with jelly beans!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

TGF Royal Battle and SPRING BREAK!!!

Well Lovelies, My son has been on spring break... today is the final day off! 
I thought this would mean lots of crafting time for myself, while the boy entertained his sister! 
Well, I forgot how much fun it was to have him home!!!
We did SO SO SO SO Much... we were exhausted all week!

I am going to get back to crafting this week :) 

My team made it to the next round in the The Greeting Farms' Royal Battle!
Thanks for the votes y'all!!!
If you would like to show us some more love, we would appreciate it!!
Here is our Card, Carefully Crafted by Genetta! Isn't she just fabulous!!
If you would like to vote: Go here! All you have to do is leave a comment on our pretty, voting is that easy!