Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring is HERE... time to share a few of my favorite things!!

Every season, it seems that I find new things to love... clothes-makeup-more!!!
This season I love TOO much!!!

Warning: I am NOT Trendy! I do not think that KNOWING what is Trendy actually MAKES you trendy... in fact, I have NO desire to be Trendy! I have a 15 year old Sister = Trendy! I am into simple, sophisticated and pure looks. Trends come and go, I want timeless grace... does anyone know if there is an online retailer for that?

First MINERAL Make-up, I LOVE it.
TSS Colors are on Clearance for $2! Go Vegan at Orglamix!
Top it off with the best Gloss ever!!
Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish My Fave: DOLLY!!

I am OVER my dry winter skin! On to spring! This 2-minute miracle is AWESOME! - Watch the video at the website!!!
I have tried the Aloette version of the enzyme peel, and it is great... this is cheaper and you get the big pump of the body version, which is GREAT for my dry feet!

We all know I am kind of a Hippie-Chic... I love organic... yada yada.
This is my new fave: Gaia Conceptions! Everything there is amazing.

I LOVE it... and I will own it soon!!

This is my Favorite necklace currently! I get a lot of Compliments when I wear it.
When I am in Michigan visiting 'home', I always make a trip to the Jewelry store by Forever 21... it is a whole shop full of shiny stuff... and I am easily distracted by shiny objects!!
I am all about looking better, and adding some embellishments to myself! And this is the cheapest and most selection I have found!

Baby Leggggs - I love these... Yes it is spring, but it gets cold at night still! Sydney So Sweet has the best price and the cutest bows, clippies and crocheted head bands!!!
These baby legs work great as leg warmers or arm extensions... you can not even tell that your kid doesn't have an undershirt on under that short sleeve top! And they slide off with ease!

Last but certainly not LEAST, my LOVE for spring was a gift from my LOVE.
He brought me some Luscious SOAP AND LOTION from Spain - From Enjabonarte! It is amazing, I promise... not into international shopping? - check out LUSH!

Yes, I love and adore Bamboo shirts, organic fabric, handmade soaps and vegan make-up.... and am so glad that the going green is far more popular now! It makes my favorites affordable!


Mz Kel-z said...

Love it!! Isnt life so much better being yourself than being trendy?!?! Thats one of the things I respect most about you!! Thanks for turning me on to the exquisite comfort of the natural stuff, its still "me" but soooo much more comfy.. hahaha

Nicole said...

I have received a Beautiful Blog Award and am sending it on to your crafty Blog:) I have added a link to your blog for other people to pop in! So, go grab your Award and post it!

Heidi said...

hey.... love all your suggestions. The eye makeup: love all the colors but not sure where to start. I typically wear browns and mauves- what might you suggest?
The lip plumper- I have been looking for a good one fora long time- I LOVE the Etsy store for clothes...... I guess I must not be trendy but natural.....

Rachel said...

Oh Hiedi... I LOVE brown and mauve are my kinda gal!!! I LOVE the she spaces' first class con... and pretty much any of their soft mauve and brown ones!!!