Monday, April 26, 2010

Make-up, meet Crafter.

Hello 'Make-up Addiction', I am a MAD CRAFTER. I will find a way to make you into a craft project... I WILL. 
So, with that said, I did. I recently fell in love with Mineral Make-up. They are loose powders. So I decided to 'press' them into a palette. I took Bare Escentuals 'Get the Look' Color combos... let's just say I 'face-lifted' them... kinda like scrap-lifting.  I pressed them into an empty makeup tin... so they are no longer loose powder. I decorated 2 sets with my cricut and some vinyl... this is the cherry blossom palette.. one holds 12 and the smaller holds 4 colors and has a mirror/applicator. 
 This Set is Cupcake/Beautiful. Same number of colors 12 and 4.
What I love about the vinyl is that I can peel it off easily and change the look... just like you can with the removable colors!!!

Here are the colors that I pressed inside if you are interested!
'The looks' are in rows of three going top to bottom. I used the far less expensive than BE colors from The She Space Clearance Section.
If you need an empty palette for your own makeup, or one that you can choose your colors... check out Coastal Scents or Stars MakeUpHaven.

PS.  I also used my airbrush on some vinyl pieces..... I am in heaven.


Prismadonna said...

Hi Rachel, Very clever. Really! Those little Mineral pots take up way too much room. This is a great way to condense all of that. Thanks. Lisa

Renie said...

Teach me, teach me!

daisey1977 said...

That's awesome Rachel!