Friday, February 10, 2012

One more for the road....

Alright, just one more sewing project and I promise I will do something else. HA!
Right before the Holiday break, I set up a booth for Arelia's Pretties at the MommySwagger Expo here in Katy. It was loads of fun. 
I was ENAMORED these GORGEOUS dresses at One Red Blossom, my husband was not enamored with buying my princess a dress that he felt I should be able to make... he just thinks I can make anything by the way. Not true.
Here is my attempt at it. I used this tutorial as a guide. I did my straps in the back... if that makes sense.

This one is a size too big for my boo bear... don't mind her faces, she was singing and twirling.
This is the Hawaiian version of this dress. Thanks to my gal pal that lives in the tropical paradise, and mailed me these great patterns!

I plan to add the blue pattern to the bottom in a ruffly fun way, and some ribbon trim... but I was lazy.