Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Morning Sunshines!!! TGF BATTLE ROYALE

Calling ALL Voters!!! My team the FAUX FARMERS, wants NAY needs your votes!!!

Our Card was designed by Jodi Stanisch !!!

We would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you commented/Voted for our card!! Go HERE and Vote today!!

Do you Love the Chair that Jodi used??? It is adorable right! Well, Melissa turned into a Digi Download. She rocks right? Go get it!!!

Thanks so much for your comments/votes in advance!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010


The best of intentions keep failing me!! I fully intended on posting this week! But we have been super busy!
So, without further excuse... company number 28 in my stash... sad isn't it!

I LOVE these fun stamps. They were on of the first companies I bought!!! My son loves them too!!
Here is a shirt he stamped!

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Monday, blah, How about a Recipe!

Today, I thought a recipe was in order! I am going to get Crafty later today! But until then, if you Enjoy AUTHENTIC Mexican Cuisine... then perhaps you have had Mole. A cocoa chicken of sorts. Here is a way to have that at home! (For those of you who do not already!)

A Quicker Mole
By Carolina Pena Nacianceno

·         10+  Chicken Drumsticks & Thighs
·         Orange Peel
·         1 Jar Dona Maria Mole Sauce
·         2 Heaping Tbs. Peanut Butter
·         1 Tbs. Chili Powder
·         2/3 tsp Cumin
·         2/3 tsp Garlic Powder
·         2/3 tsp Paprika
·         2/3 tsp each Salt & Pepper
·         2-3 Tbs. Flour
Cover Chicken in large pot with water and Orange peel, boil at low simmer.  Remove Chicken from water. Keep covered to maintain warmth.  In the water, dissolve jar of Mole Sauce, Peanut Butter & Seasonings.  Stir until completely dissolved. Dissolve 2-3 spoonfuls of flour in water, and add this to thicken the sauce. Re-add the chicken and simmer.
I use about 15-20 skinless drums/thighs depending on size! The picture above was my first time with my Grandma's recipe and it was SUPER saucy with LOTS of sauce left over!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where MY Belles 'n Whistles Live!!! *Updated*

The Bells 'n Whistles Blog is having a little fun... so I thought I would join in!!
My Beautiful Belles live in South Carolina, with the sweetest little princess. She calls them her 'babies'. All mamas stamps are 'my babies'... I love to hear her sweet little voice laying claim to my stamps already!!!
My little shirt was stamped with Memento and colored with copics. I then heat set it and it was ready to go!

Monday, March 15, 2010


As far as acrylic goes, I am not a real big fan. I started on acrylic, but have come to prefer unmounted red rubber! I do like HIGH quality acrylic, but I am a knit picky stamper, and hate the 'stains'. 
I will sacrifice my preference in the name of cute stamps though!
So today, I submit for your approval... a fabulous acrylic company for my countdown... My Favorite Things (MFT) Stamps.
I love this set... BOHO BLOSSOMs. I sprayed my card with smooch spritz... I am an official addict.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crazy Company Countdown... POST TWENTY-SIX FLOURISHES

Today I whipped up a sketch challenge card for scs!
I used Flourishes for my company countdown!
I LOVE this set.
I sprayed this card with smooches spritz AFTER I took this picture, and I LOVED it more, so I will update the photo.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Warning... I come from a HEAVILY tattooed family!!! I have a cousin that has tattoos covering his entire body... scalp and toes included. I am the ONLY one of my cousins, without a tattoo. No worries, I made up for that by putting holes in my body as a kid! Ah Youth. 
Today I am featuring Bombshell Stamps in my Crazy Company Countdown!
This notebook is for my Aunt... she is going to LOVE it.
She is a Harley, tattooed Fun Lovin Mama.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Crazy Company Countdown... POST TWENTY-FOUR CC DESIGNS

I am back in action!! It is a sunny 70 and my kids went outside to play! So I opened the windows in my Scraproom and got BUSAY.

Today my number 24 company in the Crazy Countdown is CC Designs!
This is another Card designed for my Granny. She loves Angels and Pink. So, I am always drawn to stamps that have sentimental value - and that she will like when I send her the card!

Friday, March 5, 2010

My blog needs help.

No worries! I plan on rescuing it shortly!
I need a make-over (for my blog, I personally am super hott, hahahhahahahahahha)
And I need a title! 
I originally started my blog as a family/crafting blog... but the hubster wanted me to do a separate family one. He is not into the crafty, but the family he loves. Ha.
I am open to suggestions if you have some!
Maybe I should have a contest!

Today I am the Suburban Crafter!
I took a deep breath this morning... breathing in the South Carolina air.
And I thought, I am a long way from Detroit Baby.

I grew up 'urban', back then we called it 'ghetto'.
A little Mexican girl with big dreams to leave it all behind, and be the me I always wanted to be!
I did, I did leave. But you know you can never leave it all behind.
(My Dad and I 1987, THE ONE AND ONLY Birthday my Dad was not locked up for! Ha.)
Today I LOVE being a Suburban Mama. Educated, married to the LOVE of my life with two beautiful kids, a beautiful home and the best friends and family a girl could ask for!
(My Dad and I, a year before I buried him. I am never without him.)
I have begun to loathe hearing others complain about the ho-hum life of the suburban gentry. Seriously... I worked hard for this station in life... APPRECIATE IT... count it is as a blessing. Stop wishing you were somewhere, someone else! There is nothing better out there... I promise!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lost my Mojo... New Copic Mini Journal!

Being sick has killed my Mojo. Hellllp.
I did decide my Copic Mini journal needed some more fun!! 
So I revamped it, with the new downloads!
The Downloads were printed and then cut to 4.25x5.5 for the inside pages!

I of course added the plastic page (using a discarded package)... the page is removable and snaps into the book under the page that I am coloring under! I simply added the holes for binding and then clipped the edge on each hole with scissors!

The downloads I used: Copic Mini Journal, Spica Chart and this book I used the Labeled Recommended Marker Families by Copic Munkie (instead of Page one from the original download of the Journal)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still Dying... Another Download!

Here I am, still dying. I coughed so much this morning that something horrible happened, I will spare you the details!
So, today I have yet another downloadable for ya!
For those that love copics and have downloaded the Mini Copic Journal, found on my blog or Copic Munkie, I have a page Addition for those wanting to keep ALL of their markers in the journal!
If you have not downloaded the original Journal... and would like to... the link here, is completely updated, and includes this and all other page additions... so you only need to download once!

You likey my font??? I changed up the font for the journal in celebration of the new ALICE in WONDERLAND movie!!! Which I may be seeing alone, since my 6 year old told me he is not interested. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not the Best Luck AND a Download for you!

Well, Since our return home from Michigan... My family has been sicker than sick!
That will teach me! We do not usually visit in the winter, this is probably why!
My one year old is now taken with vomiting/diarrhea, I have strep and my boys are over what can only be described as bronchitis. Lucky us.

So for you today, I do not have another countdown or new project! I thought I would share a DOWNLOAD!
Recently I taught this Bind-it-all Recipe book class at the Funkie Munkie.
The books came complete with pages of recipes!

So for a Limited time... the pages to my smaller book... Sauces & Spices!!!
Print pages 1-10, then flip those pages over and print page 11 ten times! For a double sided recipe book. 

The pages can be trimmed to 4.25x5.5, 4 pages per sheet!
These recipes were gathered from many places and tested on willing participants who gave the thumbs up to 99% of the tastings! 
I hope you find these sauces and spices a fun addition to your kitchen! 
And hopefully, I shall return tomorrow with a new crafty post!
Wish me luck.