Friday, March 5, 2010

My blog needs help.

No worries! I plan on rescuing it shortly!
I need a make-over (for my blog, I personally am super hott, hahahhahahahahahha)
And I need a title! 
I originally started my blog as a family/crafting blog... but the hubster wanted me to do a separate family one. He is not into the crafty, but the family he loves. Ha.
I am open to suggestions if you have some!
Maybe I should have a contest!

Today I am the Suburban Crafter!
I took a deep breath this morning... breathing in the South Carolina air.
And I thought, I am a long way from Detroit Baby.

I grew up 'urban', back then we called it 'ghetto'.
A little Mexican girl with big dreams to leave it all behind, and be the me I always wanted to be!
I did, I did leave. But you know you can never leave it all behind.
(My Dad and I 1987, THE ONE AND ONLY Birthday my Dad was not locked up for! Ha.)
Today I LOVE being a Suburban Mama. Educated, married to the LOVE of my life with two beautiful kids, a beautiful home and the best friends and family a girl could ask for!
(My Dad and I, a year before I buried him. I am never without him.)
I have begun to loathe hearing others complain about the ho-hum life of the suburban gentry. Seriously... I worked hard for this station in life... APPRECIATE IT... count it is as a blessing. Stop wishing you were somewhere, someone else! There is nothing better out there... I promise!!!


Ginny said...

I grew up in SC and always said I couldn't wait to get away from here to somewhere that was more fun. Then when I did grow up I realized there really is no better place to live. Close enough to everything but suburban enough to still see green instead of concrete. Not many places where you have all the amenities of a large town while still maintaining that small town feel. Nice to be able to visit but not live in Atlanta. Even better to be able to go hiking after work, sit outside with your dog at a restaurant downtown, or walk in Falls Park.

Mz Kel-z said...

I get it and agree 100%. Isnt it great being happy with who u really are and what ur life really is! Thinkin bout ya.. Hurry up and get well so we can get together!

The Funkie Munkie Team said...

you are so at peace with your life and I love that about you!