Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Missing Our Granny!!!

Granny came to visit. She was sad when she came (that is why she came!), but no one can be sad for long when Arelia is around. Granny and Arelia spent every second together. They are both ornery as ever.
When the weather cools down here in Texas, we are hoping Granny will come back.

We are mailing these to her for her little Memory Book!! Along with some goodies we made for her!

 Granny & Arelia!
Arelia dancing for Granny!!! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

After a brief intermission.

Posting after a brief intermission. I had to make a short visit to the Hospital. The friendly staff tried to keep longer than I wanted to stay... but I am home now and feeling better.
My Takayasu's Arteritis was acting up, and I had to get under control asap!

My Daughter has recently decided she is a Fairy Princess. We had a fabulous time making these Fairy WINGS, WAND and TUTU together!!!!
Flower Wand with dollar store flower, Simply hot glue to a foam ball 6 for a $1 at dollar store and shove onto a dowel covered in ribbon Dowels 10 for .98 at Walmart!
 TuTu: Elastic From Walmart, Tulle From Walmart, Ribbon from Walmart. I followed these Instructions: HOW TOOOOOOO It is Pinker than it looks in the picture.
 Wings: .35 cent knee high nylons in white, Home Depot Wire (way cheaper than craft store, look by the nails) $5 for more than you could ever need, unless you have to make a thousand pair, like I do. I copic Airbrushed using a Mask made by Cricut Cartridge Rock Princess. Flowers from the Dollar Store.
I followed this How to!

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Craft Room

I haven't posted a whole lot lately... My craft room was being painted and then I was slightly ill, so I took my time getting back in order.
I have some re-organizing still to do. But I am happy with the color. not something I would put anywhere else in the house. But that is indeed the fun of having your own craft room. 
Too bad I took my pics at night!

 Arelia and I chillin, I have a cool post in which we MADE her tutu, wand and wings!!! Stay tuned fellow mothers of princesses.

Copic Station, minus my air compressor, I keep that under my desk away from tiny fingers that like to turn it on and off.  There is a HUGE closet full of more stuff to the left there. Shhhh, don't tell. It's a walk in with shelves and stuff... so fabulous!
 Where I keep my Arelia's Pretties Jewelry, while in stock in the store and between shows.
 Cricut storage, stamps of all kinds magazines and other buggie machines!

 Entrance to the room, Jewelry making, sewing and leather journal area to the left. copic station and jewelry display to the right.
My Desk. Paper, tools and more.
Thanks for hanging in my room today. Hope you visit again soon!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Celtic Cross Journal

You may have viewed my previous post for my Sister... she went off on a trip to Ireland WITHOUT me!!
The nerve she has. Well, I know she had the trip of a lifetime.
And being that I could not be there, I thought I could make her some mementos that she could journal her pics and memories in. 
I made her this gorgeous suede journal in her favorite color.
 Small Celtic knot book marker. Cat eye closure.
This book was hand stitched and has gp110 with distressed edges.
The Cross is from Our Daily Bread Designs.