Friday, May 27, 2011

After a brief intermission.

Posting after a brief intermission. I had to make a short visit to the Hospital. The friendly staff tried to keep longer than I wanted to stay... but I am home now and feeling better.
My Takayasu's Arteritis was acting up, and I had to get under control asap!

My Daughter has recently decided she is a Fairy Princess. We had a fabulous time making these Fairy WINGS, WAND and TUTU together!!!!
Flower Wand with dollar store flower, Simply hot glue to a foam ball 6 for a $1 at dollar store and shove onto a dowel covered in ribbon Dowels 10 for .98 at Walmart!
 TuTu: Elastic From Walmart, Tulle From Walmart, Ribbon from Walmart. I followed these Instructions: HOW TOOOOOOO It is Pinker than it looks in the picture.
 Wings: .35 cent knee high nylons in white, Home Depot Wire (way cheaper than craft store, look by the nails) $5 for more than you could ever need, unless you have to make a thousand pair, like I do. I copic Airbrushed using a Mask made by Cricut Cartridge Rock Princess. Flowers from the Dollar Store.
I followed this How to!

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