Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well, I would like to say that I have been an absentee blogger because my life is so busy and fulfilling ... The truth? I think I may have caught the flu. Yah My luck. I am
Pretty sure that my immune system is SO low that it may not actually exist. 'I look forward to catching any cold that winks at me, and I am sure if the Bacon flu comes my way - I will catch that too.
Ah well. I didn't bother with going to the Doctor. Poor guy... he just feels bad for me... I am not even sure what meds he would give me. So what is the point.
poop... that is my 10 month olds newest word. It fits.

I have done but only one project these past weeks. It was fun. It is a mini copic journal...
It was something I did not have to get out of my seat for.
you can see the inside pages and even download your own if you would like at :
Copic Munkie