Sunday, July 25, 2010


This weekend has flown by!! My husband flew home from Houston Friday and has already left :( to go back to work. We will not be joining him until the first week in August.

So without further hesitation... My blog Candy winner is, by random 6 year old boy drawing method : 

Soooo, send me a message with your address and your choice of blog candy deliciousness! :)
Thank you to everyone who entered, shared your fabulous indulgences with me... and to all of you who had kind words for me! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I think it be time for some yummies.
If you have followed my blog recently, you may have read that I was hospitalized and diagnosed with Takayasu's Arteritis... the 'cure' for that is lots of steroids! SOoooo. I LOVE yummies, I have been getting festively plump over here!
So tell me what you love to indulge in... whatever that may be!
Leave your comment here...and the winner will get a stamp-a-licious package from me!
If you are not a stamper or would prefer, please let me know in your comment and I will send HANDMADE JEWELRY in its place!!!

Follow me and you get an extra entry into the random pool!
I will draw a winner July 25th!

And if you wanna indulge in some more blog candy... Hop on over to Anita's Blog! - Delicious!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So I lied.

Well, I lied. I promised to slow down on the jewelry and stamp something... but I haven't. I have just lost my mojo... I am GOING to stamp. Tomorrow!! :) 
But for today how about some more jewelry!! Hhahahah
And... I started a facebook group for my jewelry and crafts. Come on over if you are a fan of Arelia's Pretties!
Onto the Jewelry!
Yummy handmade goods by yours truly! :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I have been enjoying my jewelry making adventures.  I stumbled upon a store I have passed a million times... but never realized what it was! A beading store! I took this FREE beading club class project there on Tuesday! 
Panda's Crossing and the beading club! Just about the nicest group of ladies alive!
Check them out!

I am not sure if 'beading' is my thing, but I tried my hand at it!
The one on the left is my 18 month old daughters, she LOVES it, and wears it non stop!
There are no beads missing on the edges, they are just tucked under... for quick photo, I didn't adjust it - cause the baby wanted her 'pretty' back.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whoo Hooooooo! And a Craft!

Hello All... or Y'all! 
I've got NEWS! My family has a contract on a house in Houston!! Whoo hoo! It is Beautiful and I am thrilled!
Sooo, we will be relocating around the second week in August!!

Here we come Texas!
This week has been a slow craft week for me, I have a friend in town... and my jewelry bug seems to have bitten her as well, so we have dabbled a little in the bead world! And done a little too much shopping!
Onto my crafts!
Here is my first Rosary... I liked my second better... and I have 4 more to make!
And then I played with some wire chains and a lampwork bead or four!

Last night, I took a right angle weave beadwork class... I am not sure if that is my thing, I may stick to bending wire!
I am hoping to stamp tomorrow!!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jewels, jewels, Jewels. I just can not get enough!

By Now you have noticed, I am a little into this Jewelry making bidness.
It is true, I like it a little!!!
Flash on
This piece took me a little longer than usual. I started it late last night and finished it this morning.
It turned out nice and is prettier irl of course.
Flash off
I have a guest in town, who I make sleep in the scrapbook room!!! So, I will have more craft bidness when she has to leave! :(
Until then, she and I will be out shopping for craftigoodness.