Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here I sew again.....

My princess likes Dora. A LOT. I found this fabulous tutorial... and I thought it would make good use of our Dora scraps. I wanted the middle piece to be the Dora pattern, but I was goofy and cut them backward. ah well. As I said before, I am more than a novice. 
It was a HUGE hit, She is twirling all over the house. And had to wear it multiple days this week! Having a girly girl is so bizarre to me. Do not ask what I am wearing! Ha. I am no fashionista.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sew Sew Sew Resolution: T Shirt Quilt

This year it is my goal to use my sewing machine more and to learn my way around the sewing department!
So expect to see some attempts at sewing. I shall call them Crooked Stitches.
Here is my first attempt of the year.
Now, I am NO quilter. In fact I have never even cut a square out of fabric!
But, my Son had some t shirts from all of his adventures in the last state we lived in. What to do! He also stated that my new sewing goal was not going to include him, but his little sister would benefit. Ha. He was jealous. 
I started with this tutorial: Easy T Shirt Quilt
Sooo, I used a 12.5x12.5in acrylic cutting mat to cut my shirts. And then cut 2 inch border strips and applied them the way this video showed: T Shirt Quilt Border strip Tutorial
I then added a backing and batting. Using the Quick turn Method : Since I have never quilted before... this seemed easiest. 
My Son LOVED it. I mean LOVED it. He took his old comforter off his bed, and this is now his main blanket. Goofy kid.
I would say that this cost me about $20 in materials and 3 hours. So in now way is it a perfect fancy smancy quilt. But my boy is 7.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dazzling Faith Bracelet

I have been working on some fun stuff lately. 
I can not wait to blog about some of the projects I have been trying to complete. haha.
Here is a Jewelry Project I  started today. I have a ton of designs in mind. I will be adding them to my Etsy Shop tomorrow.
Visit Arelia's Pretties at Etsy for listings.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Making up for lost time GateFold Mini Album TUTORIAL!!!

Well, you may have guessed or already know that I have had a rough few months. After pneumonia, I never quite recovered and have been down for the count!
However, this gives me lots of time to surf the web (when I am awake, but not moving around)
I found this really awesome 'Scrapbook' made from 6x9 mailing envelopes and thought. I LOVE it.
I could not find the person on YouTube that she was saying made it... so I copied hers... and here it how I did it!
This is my first, and the Tutorial is a really ROUGH draft!
This one is for a friend, so it doesn't have all the stuff added in yet... I wanted her to be able to add her personal touches and pictures etc. But... I have all the elements for stuffing it that the original has!
Click on Photos for enlargement. 

Find all the stamps I used at Our Daily Bread Designs!

TUTORIAL on how to make your own pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mini Gatefold Album with Envelopes.

Step One: Cut your envelopes. You need the 6x9 Mailing envies. I pulled the metal tab off.
Cut 6 off them the way the picture shows. Trimming of the sticky closure edge creating a TAB with the 1/4-1/2 inch that is leftover, and a sliver at the fold to created an opening. Score at 3in. This will be Envelope A. 
Also Cut One Envie the same way but score at 1in, 3in and 2.5in. This will be Envelop B.
And one 3 inch piece for the cover.
6 Envelope A's
1 Envelope B
1 3 inch cover piece
 Step 2: Start at the back. Fold Envelope B's 2.5 inch parts and Glue one A's tab to the inside of the opening. creating a back piece that is 9 inches long, 3 inches from envelope B, and 6 from an A. And a folding flab from B, and one on the right side from A.
Step 3: Glue an A to the back of 1A's right flap.Leaving both tab and 3in flap both free. Not sure why the pic came out sideways... not the way I took the photo!
Step 4: Glue the back of 3A to Envie B, leaving tab and 3 in flap both free.
 Step 5: Glue a 4th A's back to the tab of 2A. Leaving 4's tab and flap free.
Step 6: Cut the tab off a 5th A and glue the back to the tab of 3A. Leaving the 3in Flap free. 
Step 7: Cut the tab off a 6th A and glue the flap to the flap of 5A. If you would like to mimic the one in the video, You would glue a 6.9 Envie that had been scored at 3 and 6 for three 3in accordion folds or similar.
Step 8: Close 6A creating cover and add 3 inch piece to tab of 4A to create right side cover.
Cover your Album, and Embellish.
This Tutorial shows the Project without a chipboard cover... like the one in the video. However, mine has one. I used masking tape and chipboard to make a flexible covered (then covered it in paper)  and glued the back of the album into it. Simple as could be.