Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sew Sew Sew Resolution: T Shirt Quilt

This year it is my goal to use my sewing machine more and to learn my way around the sewing department!
So expect to see some attempts at sewing. I shall call them Crooked Stitches.
Here is my first attempt of the year.
Now, I am NO quilter. In fact I have never even cut a square out of fabric!
But, my Son had some t shirts from all of his adventures in the last state we lived in. What to do! He also stated that my new sewing goal was not going to include him, but his little sister would benefit. Ha. He was jealous. 
I started with this tutorial: Easy T Shirt Quilt
Sooo, I used a 12.5x12.5in acrylic cutting mat to cut my shirts. And then cut 2 inch border strips and applied them the way this video showed: T Shirt Quilt Border strip Tutorial
I then added a backing and batting. Using the Quick turn Method : Since I have never quilted before... this seemed easiest. 
My Son LOVED it. I mean LOVED it. He took his old comforter off his bed, and this is now his main blanket. Goofy kid.
I would say that this cost me about $20 in materials and 3 hours. So in now way is it a perfect fancy smancy quilt. But my boy is 7.

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