Thursday, December 25, 2008

Phew... Christmas was wonderful... Pictures to come.

Well, we had a great Christmas. Last night, Little James was very very excited to open his 'one' gift. Our tradition. He had his gift picked out since last week. "The ONE" was a gold box with a cream ribbon sent from Grandma Pat and Grandpa Larry in Michigan... they rock by the way. Well, he could not wait. Right after dinner he was so thrilled to open it... he ripped it open and squealed........... "Hungry Hungry hippoooooooooossssssss". I thought he might pass out. He held it up for us to see, and said, "Oh can we open it, can we play".... "Please, Please, Please!" He was so full of excitement that I suffered through my migraine... yes migraine, and played a rousing 5 games of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Then I went to bed. (We played about 10 times today as well)

This morning was a rough start for me, but the boys waited for me, and they made breakfast. They are sweet. Then my sweet 4 year old passed out all the presents... I took a picture of him with all of his.

He opened his gifts, telling who each was from, and was thoroughly excited about each and every one. The very first one he was dying to open was a "huge" one from Grandma... Once again, he squealed.... It was "spike the dinosaur", his super #1 on the wish list. I thought he might pee himself, and I must admit, Spike is pretty cool. I played with him a little bit.

From us this year, he got a Wii and the Batmobile he asked for... which was a BIG hit. pheeew. Our gifts are usually chop liver compared to the Grandparents and friends that spoil him rotten. But he happen to like the Batmobile a lot. He loved ALL of his gifts... he got a TON. But he is really excited about every one, and has played with all of them.

After gift opening, Grandpa Jim came over, with another bag of toys (like Santa). And James exchanged gifts with Grandpa and then we had dinner. Big James made a prime rib roast and fresh veggies/mashed potatoes etc. It was fabulous.

Then I layed down to rest, while three generations of Henahans' played Wii...

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, we made it home today!!! We named the baby, Arelia... James Paul was adamant that that would be her name. So it made the decision easier. He is a proud big brother! We are here at the house, if anyone wants to stop by, we are always here! I can not drive, etc for 2 weeks! Arelia really likes her new home, she has been awake most of the day, staring at all of her things, it is quite adorable.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wee little update.

Well, having the stomach flu was not conducive to being pregnant... I went into labor late Thursday night. I had her at 3:47 in the morning on Black Friday! I am in the Hospital recovering today... My Birthday... suppose to be out to dinner, and getting things ready for her birth... ON MONDAY... but she is here now, I will post pictures soon. Still haven't named the poor thing!

Monday, November 24, 2008

CurlyQ Monster Arrived today

Just in time!!! James got his monster today! He had to stay home from school with the stomach flu :( So it was nice to have a little surprise in the mail. He really loves the monster that he created himself. He was excited to see all of the parts he picked out!!!!

Check out CurlyQ Cuties... for your own Creation!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Attention Moms/Dads... and other Kid gift givers!!!

Well... we just did the most fun thing!!! James and I won a Custom Monster from CurlyQ Cuties from Bloggy giveaways!!! As soon as the gift certificate landed in my inbox he was READY to build his monster. This is so fun for the little Monster lover... which my child is! I can not wait until his monster arrives in the mail... he also LOVES to get mail! So he will be thrilled. This is a 4 year olds dream!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mr. Stamper contest by PINK POISON

Pink Poison is having a contest for BOYS! I read the directions to my 4 year old son, and he was REALLLLY excited to play! He really got into it!!!

Here is he is making his card... he knew just what to do! He chose the best mates set, and he said it looks like "Mom, Me, & my baby Sister, When she comes", he even stamped a sentiment... "you arrrr the greatest!" Afterward, he told me the card was for ME!!! The inside is a picture of Me, HIM and a shelf of stamps!!!! He knows what I love!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Family Photo 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

This is not a post about Politics...

This post is not about politics... It's about my 4 year old son. He is amazing. He tells me today, while eating a dinosaur Peanut butter sandwich... thanks Renie... that he just watched Barack Obama. Oh really I reply. Yup, he says, he was on the news! Oh, I say. He then informs me that after that, something boring came on so he turned it.

Now I must say that I just love love love the way my son says Barack Obama... its all one word, and its super cute. He has also informed his father and I, that "kids picked the president". Gotta love Nick Jr. He has been very involved in this election process... he wants to know, "which team is ours." and how much points did John McCain get and how much points did the winner get?

He talks about it a lot, and the fact that he was watching CNN, listening to Barack Obama speak... just amazes me. The fact that Barack Obama kept his attention amazes me... not to mention the fact that we didn't even know he knew the name of our President Elect. We were trying to introduce the idea to him... we said... "Did you know we have a new President?" He abruptly replied... "Oh yea, BarackObama, Kids pick the President."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Unity Hip Hop Thursday!

Stampers - Don't forget to come on over to the Unity Hip Hop Thursday!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

JP Halloween 2008

We had a fantastic Halloween This year! We went to a big costume sale last month and found a costume... he really wanted to be a power Ranger... I do not know why... he does not watch the show.

I am Pretty sure he Just into anything that is action related!

We went to a fun Halloween Party in our Mom's group at the beginning of the week, that he just loved. He made me a candy necklace there and I felt real special!

He trick or Treated with Dad as usual, and he made sure to "trick" mom again this year... he made Dad hide around the corner, while he trick or treated at my door... I would never guess it was him!!!

You can find his Christmas list in the post below!

My Boys are goofy!!!!

The JP Christmas List....

Without further Ado...

The Christmas list of our favorite 4 year old.
I am warning you that he got the toysrus Book of toys, and put check marks next to most of it! But these are the things that he is really hoping for.

This is number 1: He is DYING for this, and can recite the entire commercial!!!!
Spike the Dinosaur - He's getting this!

This is his number 2:
Vmotion Video Game - He's getting this!

These are a big tie for 3, but Mickey speedway seems to be the fav:
Mickey Speedway
Diego Dino Mountain Diego Dino Vehicle
Gift Certificate to make his own monster

Board Games he really wants:
Hungry Hungry Hippos - He is getting this!
Spongebob Operation
Rhino Rampage

Educational video games for his handheld video game he got last year: he loves it!
Backyardagins game, Animal Genius

Here are a few others he likes lots:
Little Einstein's Rocket
Handy Manny Tool Truck
Caterpillar Remote Control Trucks he like them all... he could not choose which he liked the most!
The bat Cave
Pixo Machine (he has the Pen)
Pix-O refill beads (he has the pen)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pink Poison Olympics

Pink Poison is finishing up their Card making Olympics tonight! Lots of fun! I didn't have the motivation to participate very much this week, I uploaded a few cards in the spirit of fun! I couldn't resist the chance to play with these fun stamps!

The new Anya's made their Debut today... well, they are available today. Get your hands on some fast!

There are 41 Cards here: (It's all I had time for, I also only used scraps for these cards - that was my own addition to the challenge, made it a little hard for me, but used up some of my scraps )

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Photography By James....

James has been loving my camera lately... here are a few he asked me to put on the "internet". His words.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Babies Room Updates...

Well, The babies room is as ready as it can get for now!
Grandma came last weekend and brought James a big boy bed.
He was using the crib in toddler bed form!

Well the bed is crib now! And it is all moved into the babies room.
She has his old dresser as well...
Grandma also brought down this fabulously soft baby bedding!

It matches nice to the paint, which she had not seen yet!!!
WTG Grandma!

I didn't take a pic of the wall of books and toys!
But she has all that too!

Unity All Week Long!!!

Unity has a fabulous Blog Hop and day of fun called "Hip Hop" every Thursday, if you are a stamper you should not miss it!!! Well, it seems that the Unity addiction spills over into the rest of the week! This week I did all of the SCS Challenges with Unity Stamps this week. Well the week starts on Friday, cause Thursday is day we all look forward to!

Friday's challenge was limited supplies! I followed the parameters, and used this fun little alien set, that my son just loves!!!

Saturday's Challenge was to use inspiration from this Etsy Store! She had some gorgeous items in the store

Sunday's Challenge was to case a card from the gallery of the fabulous scs stamper Ink-E!

Monday's Challenge was to Use Twinkling H2O's.

Tuesday challenge was to use the colors Chocolate Chip & Pink Pirouette.

Wednesdays Challenge was to use a sketch provided. I also used the set I won from Unity's Hop!!!

The Unity Wednesday Challenge was to use something clear and to include Ribbon!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Gift Tin And Anya Card

Today I made a Gift Tin from a coffee Tin that my hubby actually gave me when it was empty!!!! Even he knows the value of a good altered Item!!!! The Tin is full of goodies for a friend and the Anya Card was made just for her!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three Generations of GO BLUE.

My son and I love to look at all of the photos on the computer! Here is his favorite today...

It is three generations, two of which are Michigan Alumn... I am sure the third generation is well on his way. He already sings along to the fight song!

Baby's Due

I had my sugar test today. And I scheduled the c-section for our Baby Girl... She will be born on December 1st at 8am. Lucky us!

Here is the babies Room!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Whiff Of Joy Warm Wishes

This is my Whiff Of Joy Willow with Cocoa Card. I tied Cinnamon Sticks to it... It smells delightful! The Inside sentiment is from SU's Like it a latte.
I love fall.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Wish List...

The hubby says.... "Do you have a wish list online?"
Well... I should!!!!!
So lovey hubbey, here it is: I will keep it updated!

Under $10

Hamburger Stamp
Witches Hat
Prayer Journal Stamp
distress Stickles
Dew Drops or this site has Dew Drops , Oakley in BathTub
Memento Markers

Wizard of Oz Stamp

Justrite set

20 Something Wishes:

Flourished Christian Symbols Stamp Set on ex cushion, also any of the ornare templates sold on this site.

Sunflower, labels 4, large Deckled Rectangles, inverted scalloped circles, large octagons, large scalloped octagons, floral accents, Impressionabilities (any), any borderabilities, curved rectangles, daisy head, butterflies 2, stars 5

Beautiful YOU
Filigree Fantasy

Bigger Wishes:
Copic Marker Set

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Day Full of Kisses

Today is My Anniversary! After many long years, and one son Later, I married my High School Sweetheart! Both a little conventional and unconventional at the same time!

It was a Day filled with lots of kisses! And bubbles. My son loves to look back at the Pictures!

Today we are going to get some yummies at the Melting Pot to Celebrate! Should be a fun time!

My Little Guy was so handsome in his little Tux. It was so big on him, It would probably fit him now!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anya By Pink Poison

My first Anya Card. I love these Pink Poison stamps! This is my attempt to creat an Anya Card. I colored her with Copics, and paper Pieced her some! I used SU Chocolate Chip, Pink Piroutte & Bella Rose Pattern paper. I used my new Martha Stewart Punch for the border.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A day at the Pumpkin Patch!

A Day at Stewart Farms!

Today was such a lovely fall day. We ventured off to Stewart Farms to pick out the "perfect" Pumpkin!

We Had Such fun on a fabulous Little Hayride! James has a little bit of the fall sniffles, but overall he had a fabulous Day!

The Hayride took us to a pumpkin patch, where we got a pumpkin growing lesson. We then ran off into the patch to pick our own pumpkin!

Fall is such a fun Time of Year. James wants to make Pumpkin Pie - Of course!