Monday, November 3, 2008

The JP Christmas List....

Without further Ado...

The Christmas list of our favorite 4 year old.
I am warning you that he got the toysrus Book of toys, and put check marks next to most of it! But these are the things that he is really hoping for.

This is number 1: He is DYING for this, and can recite the entire commercial!!!!
Spike the Dinosaur - He's getting this!

This is his number 2:
Vmotion Video Game - He's getting this!

These are a big tie for 3, but Mickey speedway seems to be the fav:
Mickey Speedway
Diego Dino Mountain Diego Dino Vehicle
Gift Certificate to make his own monster

Board Games he really wants:
Hungry Hungry Hippos - He is getting this!
Spongebob Operation
Rhino Rampage

Educational video games for his handheld video game he got last year: he loves it!
Backyardagins game, Animal Genius

Here are a few others he likes lots:
Little Einstein's Rocket
Handy Manny Tool Truck
Caterpillar Remote Control Trucks he like them all... he could not choose which he liked the most!
The bat Cave
Pixo Machine (he has the Pen)
Pix-O refill beads (he has the pen)

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