Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just a Card today.

I am trying to get all caught up on everything I have been wanting to accomplish! Still no word from the Doctor :( I think he called this morning while I was sleeping. And I am sorry but sleep is crucial. So today is just a card posting kind of day. This is my Modern Sugar Bloggin Momma. She is my Momma, ultra fashionable and addicted to the net... facebook mostly. she is a cougar. rar

Saturday, May 16, 2009

MSB Saturday Challenge and an Update!!!

Of course Saturday is upon us already. My how the time flies on by. Modern Sugar Blvd. is issuing a challenge this Saturday... so hop over to the blog and participate! Check out the new releases in the store... and get all digi-crazy.

Me Update: I had my ultrasound on Thursday. Surprisingly, it hurt. I have a small bruise near my ribs from it, but other than that it was not all that bad. I will not know my results until the beginning of this week. So I am now waiting for the Doctor to call. :(

Saturday, May 9, 2009

MSB Saturday Challenge and an Update!!!

Well lovelies, Modern Sugar Blvd. is having a Challenge today! Get over there this afternoon and show that challenge who is boss! My Card is really simple. I followed the sketch. I lack motivation.
I have been trying to continue playing with paper this week. It has really helped with all of the doctor's visits and keeping my mind in a positive direction!
The Doctor seems to think there may be something going on with my liver. I have been drained of all the blood in my body! Hahaha. I have massive, literally, bruising on my arms from the lab tests. But I am hopeful.