Thursday, December 25, 2008

Phew... Christmas was wonderful... Pictures to come.

Well, we had a great Christmas. Last night, Little James was very very excited to open his 'one' gift. Our tradition. He had his gift picked out since last week. "The ONE" was a gold box with a cream ribbon sent from Grandma Pat and Grandpa Larry in Michigan... they rock by the way. Well, he could not wait. Right after dinner he was so thrilled to open it... he ripped it open and squealed........... "Hungry Hungry hippoooooooooossssssss". I thought he might pass out. He held it up for us to see, and said, "Oh can we open it, can we play".... "Please, Please, Please!" He was so full of excitement that I suffered through my migraine... yes migraine, and played a rousing 5 games of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Then I went to bed. (We played about 10 times today as well)

This morning was a rough start for me, but the boys waited for me, and they made breakfast. They are sweet. Then my sweet 4 year old passed out all the presents... I took a picture of him with all of his.

He opened his gifts, telling who each was from, and was thoroughly excited about each and every one. The very first one he was dying to open was a "huge" one from Grandma... Once again, he squealed.... It was "spike the dinosaur", his super #1 on the wish list. I thought he might pee himself, and I must admit, Spike is pretty cool. I played with him a little bit.

From us this year, he got a Wii and the Batmobile he asked for... which was a BIG hit. pheeew. Our gifts are usually chop liver compared to the Grandparents and friends that spoil him rotten. But he happen to like the Batmobile a lot. He loved ALL of his gifts... he got a TON. But he is really excited about every one, and has played with all of them.

After gift opening, Grandpa Jim came over, with another bag of toys (like Santa). And James exchanged gifts with Grandpa and then we had dinner. Big James made a prime rib roast and fresh veggies/mashed potatoes etc. It was fabulous.

Then I layed down to rest, while three generations of Henahans' played Wii...

Merry Christmas!


Michelle said...

what a nice christmas! our 4 year old made out l,ike a bandit with star wars and clone trooper toys! funny...we have a Grandpa Jim in the family too!

happy holidays!

amy said...

I can't wait to see the pix. Did you cook anything awesome?

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

sounds fun! Cant wait to see how big arelia has gotten when i'm back in town!