Sunday, July 18, 2010


I think it be time for some yummies.
If you have followed my blog recently, you may have read that I was hospitalized and diagnosed with Takayasu's Arteritis... the 'cure' for that is lots of steroids! SOoooo. I LOVE yummies, I have been getting festively plump over here!
So tell me what you love to indulge in... whatever that may be!
Leave your comment here...and the winner will get a stamp-a-licious package from me!
If you are not a stamper or would prefer, please let me know in your comment and I will send HANDMADE JEWELRY in its place!!!

Follow me and you get an extra entry into the random pool!
I will draw a winner July 25th!

And if you wanna indulge in some more blog candy... Hop on over to Anita's Blog! - Delicious!


Anita Hovey said...

Hey Rachel, I have blog candy too :) I'll add yours if you add mine? Besides, I can't win...I'm number 1 :(

My fav indulgence...FUDGe...Maple Brown Sugar FUDGE! Damn this diet LOL

goldyfish said...

My favorite indulgence is Andies mints, but since I became diabetic they are out and with it being summer I love a juicy watermelon.

marla said...

My favorite candy is York peppermint patties. thanks for a chance to get some yummy stamping goodies.

Amber said...

I love, love, love ice cream sundaes or milk shakes. And I love new goodies! Thanks for offering these up. I am now a follower of your blog also. :-)

Julye said...

Hiya, look on the bright side, you have an excuse for gaining love handles. My indulgence isn't sweet, I love shoes and have quite a few pairs I've never even worn or hubby doesn't know about. He goes mad when I buy more along with craft stash, and I'm still in need of loosing weight even though I don't have a sweet tooth.

TanySol said...

And I love macaruns(French cake)
Thanks for the chance to win :)

Sweetpz said...

I love to indulge in cheesecake! mmmmmm.... white chocolate swirls... =D
thanks for the chance to win! hope you are feeling alot better!

p.s I'm a follower of your blog already!

Brenda Lee said...

Hi Rachel!! My indulgence is stamps, stamps, stamps!! I can say no to chocolate, ice cream, any sweets....but if I see a cute stamp or stamp set, I'm in trouble!!! LOL!!!

I am trying to figure out how to blog, but am a follower now.

Great job on the jewelry. You are super talented. I tried my hand at beading/jewelry making, but I don't wear much jewelry, so the novelty wore off fairly quickly. ;)

Margie said...

I love to indulge in coffee while I escape to my crafting room!

McCine said...

Hi Rachel! CUTE new jewelry! I finally got around to getting my wires to make my cuff bracelets.. I'll keep ya updated on how it turns out! =) (Blog candy is up to you, I do both beading and stamping :-))

My indulgence is.. crafting (paper, stamps, beading, etc) AND COFFEE -- comes from my years of working for Starbucks, I think. LOL I have to have coffee at least once a day, not for the withdrawal portion of the program, it just makes me smile. heh..

Ohh, steroids.. I have to take those as well for my inflammation and arthritis. (Car accident, fractured spine, 5 years ago, long story.. yadda yadda yadda) so, I know how yer feeling - and plumping! The best thing I can tell you.. JUST BE HAPPY! :o) Find it during all the painful (and plump) times and you can make it thru anything...!!! Now, I need to get my coffee... LOL

The Domestic Princess said...

Found your blog from a post on SCS- LOVE IT!!!! My indulgence.......hmmm.... I love to make cards and take pictures- so probably the goodies that go along with those hobbies.....Although I try not to spend too much (saving for a baby;) )BUT, I would LOVE to indulge on this new camera strap- DROOL!!! Its super cute. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Anonymous said...

I love to indulge in fudge cake. sooo yummy!

I do hope you get better soon and that your recovery is a quick and complete one. ;)

Scraples said...

Oh it has to be Strawberry Pie for me. Or Chocolate Bavarian Pie. mmmmm.

patty w said...

Hi Rachel !

Wish you much success on your move !

I love way too many things to count! Love to bake , so ... almost anything goes!

Thanks for a chance at some yummy stamping goodies !

Patty 2832

btw... I am lovin' your jewelry, sure wish my fingers would let me do that!

Carol Gilbert said...

Hi Rachel,

I would have to say it is ice cream for me. Just about any flavor. I have loved ice cream ever since I was a little girl, not all that long ago, HA!!! Thanks for a chance to win some goodies.

Carol Gilbert

Kelly Sas said...

Just found your blog because of your post on Fiskateers. Love your blog - you are soooo talented! My really crazy indulgence lately is Gummy Worms... I know it is really weird, but I just can't get enough of them for the past year now!


Kelly Sas said...

I am now a follower of your wonderful blog!


Kelly Massman said...

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis! I have lupus and have been on high doses of steroids and low doses and even though they save your life--you have some pretty negative effects (mainly tons of weight gain--I was fairly thin before lupus)! Now, I'm quite heavy! Best of luck!

Indulge: chocolate and scrapbooking paper!

Thanks for a chance to win!
fiskateer 7120 (i think that's my #)

NanaBeth said...

Doing a course of low dose steroids now-I had forgotten what it was like not to hurt. But I hate them-I now resemble the StaPuf marshmallow man. I also know i have to quit taking them and than you have to learn to adapt to the pain all over gain. Know my heart and prayers are with you.
So to get my mind off of it all I indulge in crafting goodies. I am probably a hoarder but there are days that just looking at all my "pretties" brings smiles to my face.