Thursday, July 15, 2010

So I lied.

Well, I lied. I promised to slow down on the jewelry and stamp something... but I haven't. I have just lost my mojo... I am GOING to stamp. Tomorrow!! :) 
But for today how about some more jewelry!! Hhahahah
And... I started a facebook group for my jewelry and crafts. Come on over if you are a fan of Arelia's Pretties!
Onto the Jewelry!
Yummy handmade goods by yours truly! :)

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McCine said...

I love the rosaries!! How long did it take ya to make them? I've been chosen as GodMother to my niece for her Confirmation and am debating on a gift -- was looking at trying my hand at making a rosary. Plus, my Mama would love it as well... heh. :-)