Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whoo Hooooooo! And a Craft!

Hello All... or Y'all! 
I've got NEWS! My family has a contract on a house in Houston!! Whoo hoo! It is Beautiful and I am thrilled!
Sooo, we will be relocating around the second week in August!!

Here we come Texas!
This week has been a slow craft week for me, I have a friend in town... and my jewelry bug seems to have bitten her as well, so we have dabbled a little in the bead world! And done a little too much shopping!
Onto my crafts!
Here is my first Rosary... I liked my second better... and I have 4 more to make!
And then I played with some wire chains and a lampwork bead or four!

Last night, I took a right angle weave beadwork class... I am not sure if that is my thing, I may stick to bending wire!
I am hoping to stamp tomorrow!!!!!!


Katie Cotton said...

These are all beautiful. So are you going to show me how to make these before you leave me?

Rachel said...

Absolutely!!! You will be so surprised at how easy it is!