Monday, May 31, 2010

Back in Action!

I am unstoppable! You can not keep me down... ladahdahdahdahdah.
I have been home from the hospital for a little bit now. It is nice to be home. I had them release me earlier than they wanted... but I have a RARE disease... so they want to poke at me, when I could be at home... taking the meds and getting well. So I went home, since they were just giving me meds I can take here anyhow. I have been doing well. My Takayasu's is being monitored by some great doctors and I am taking my steroids like a champ!
I have some projects to show you this week! My mom brought me some fab finds from New York while I was in the hospital... she wanted me to replicate the goods. So, I have some crafty beauties for you.
Thank you so much for all the well wishes etc... I SO appreciate it. 
All of your prayers and positivity really keep me upbeat about my prognosis.
And a special thank you to the amazing rock star who left the beads and more for me at the Funkie Munkie, Stephanie couldn't remember who... poor gal is so busy with the closing of the store!
In other news. My boy graduates Kindergarten this week!!!!!!!! 
Such a crazy Month it has been! 
We are having a celebratory BBQ at our House on Friday.... stop on by if you are local!


Katie Cotton said...

glad you are back in action! Can't wait to see the craftiness!!

Sue said...

So glad you home and everything under control. Wish I lived by would have been lovely to come for a barbecue lol. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
Sue x

Kylie said...

Oh I am so sorry hun. I didn't know you were in hospital. I don't even know what that disease is. Excuse my ignorance! So glad you're back at home and doing well. I think Australia is a bit far to come for a BBQ but that's what we Aussies do best. I hope you have a lovely day.
I love the scarves you've been making. So clever!!

Kylie ox