Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do You Copic???

I have had a few people ask if I am using Copics for my coloring. Why yes, yes I am!!!

I am happy to share my copic experience... limited as it may be!
I do operate a blog called COPIC MUNKIE for my LSS Funkie Munkie Scraps!!
If you want a good deal on copic markers... visit the store, call or email!

I have included some of my Copic downloads on the sidebar of my blog >>>

Now I will answer a few questions! And give you some great links!

Yes, I have almost all of the markers - minus the fluorescent markers.
I store them in numerical order in a bookshelf.
I do however have a copic 36 wallet... where I keep my Rachel Recommends.

and a 24 for NUMEROUS hair and skin combos!!!
I take these two wallets with me, and I am never in need. These are the perfect markers for me... when at home, I have the option of ALL the markers. But I use these the most.

I have two notebooks (one full size, one mini)for cataloging my copics and helpful charts for copic usage... many can be found on the copic munkie site. One example is the recommended 36 chart created for each color family at funkie munkie. These are colors that paired in a set, give you optimal usage!!
Here is the pastel chart. And a down-loadable blank chart for your own notebook.
My Mini book is my favorite. It goes everywhere!!!
Want to print your own mini book!!! Here are my pages!!!

Awesome links: Marianne Walkers Blog, Copic Library, Copic Creations Challenge blog, just some of my faves!!


Katie Cotton said...

your shelf look great! I love the new organization!
and your copic skills are far from limited!

Rachel said...

Nothing new here... same old same old!

Renie said...

How can you do this with two kids and a hubby.....I'm such a slacker!

daisey1977 said...

Geez louise! You are soooo organized!! When are you going to teach me how to make one of those organizing books?? LOL :) Having the two smaller wallets is a great idea! The more markers I get, the less I take them with me due to space. TFS!!

Cassie said...

lovely post. i would pay some serious change for your coloring charts - that gorjuss girl one is fabulous!

Michellena317 said...

This is great! Now we just need you to post a pic of your copic journal for the Brights and Earthly Naturals and we can make one just like yours :0)

Anonymous said...

great lot of colours.... I will not be buying copics as long as they are $14 each here in NZ..... far too expensive for one marker pen.....

They do look great though. Shame they cost so much here.