Monday, February 1, 2010

Crazy Company Countdown... POST SEVENTEEN WHIFF OF JOY

Brrrrr. Guess What? It Snowed in the Sunny South. Only about an inch here... BUT, that means that since Friday night (when the incidence occurred), this sunshiney State has been on HIGH alert.
Bread and Milk shelves were empty, many places were closed. It was panic. Hahahah
No fun for us transplant Michiganders!
My Recipe Book class on Saturday has been postponed until February 20th.
Basketball and Church were canceled... and then SCHOOL today!!! Seriously! There is not a speck of snow out there. Ah well.

Here is my card for the occasion, SNOWED IN = CHILL OUT!!!
Whiff of Joy is just that, Joyous!
I love the whimsical images, so fun!

I still have BLOG CANDY > Check out Post FIFTEEN.


Katie Cotton said...

super cute!!!! Thats such a fun image!

daisey1977 said...

Very cute!! Certainly appropriate for the recent weather and panic around here :)

Renie said...

Love that JP?

The Mama Monkey said...

So the 40.8 inches we got here in Jan would send SC into a tail-spin, eh?! :) This is so cut! Love the colors!

Beth said...

Very cute! I'll have to check out that company.