Thursday, December 30, 2010

Loving my Sewing Machine?

Well, I was very very excited to get my new sewing machine. 
But I will say, that Sheila and I, Sheila is my Sewing machine. I named her that, because when my kids are around, I can not say Shhhhh you know the rest. So now its Shhhhhhheila. 
I have broken a needle already. And what the flip good is the zipper foot???

okay, so other than that. I think I am getting the hang of it. It is not a miracle machine, that can do everything on its own, and you can only sew so many things! Limitations... not my strong suit! 
I did manage to sew these cutey patootey little Super hero capes.
Here is the Tutorial I used! So many great FREE sewing beauties out there!

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Katie Cotton said...

LOVE the caps!!! How stinkin' fun!!!

Zipper foot - if you are putting in a zipper (not as easy as you would think.... i hate zippers!) the pressure foot presses which normally hold the fabric down makes the teeth of the zipper rub on your sewing plate and makes it a real pain in the hiney to sew. Put the zipper foot on instead of the pressure foot that way the zipper doesnt get caught up in the the little tiny teeth looking thingies that make your fabric move past the needle for you.

Now i am definitely no seamstress.... but i do know that much from my mama (cause i had to ask her myself when i got my machine... hahahaha)