Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Woah Friends and Blog Buddies, it has been a Looong Month.
This month was busy busy busy.
I had family come into town spread out for the last month, maybe a little more.
My Granny is still here visiting... but she is 'craft' friendly!!!
My sweet darling husband (you know he musta did good to deserve those words) got me a sewing machine for my birthday! Woo hoo.
So Exciting... here are my first two projects!!!

I apologize for the sideways photos... I think something is kooooky with blogger,because I tried 8 different ways to upload my UPRIGHT pictures.... and they always come in SIDEWAYS!
Any hoosit... My little apron has some issues on the trim, it was the first thing I ever sewed! Is sewed a word?
and my little dress, has one hem on the outside on one of the sleeves, I am going to fix that tonight :)


Katie Cotton said...

woohoo for sewing! :D

And happy bday!

Genevieve Rodriguez said...

Happy birthday to you!

Where or where did you find that Dora fabric? I have a little Dora addict that would LOVE a little apron of her own.

Genevieve said...

Oh! I got your email about the fabric. There aren't any Hobby Lobby's in my part of California. Send me your email addy please! I'm gensden@gmail.com.