Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some JustRite For today...

Here are some JustRite Goodies for the Day!

This bug Catcher, My son begged for at the store today. When we got home, he actually ASKED me to put his name on it.... hmmm , you think I have been playing with my JustRite too much! Even my 4 year old is in on the Action! He has caught quite a few bugs already. Mostly ants. It says "James Paul, Bug Catcher" cause that is what he has been chanting all day in a superhero style announcer voice. Here is a simple notebook for Marissa... hopefully she doesn't fill it with Phone numbers or her name with some boys last name 800 million times.

And this is a locker mirror for her. She is in Middle school and the only blonde in the family... so I put Blonde's Have More Fun on it! And Rub-ons for detail.


Joan said...

These are adorable!

Paper Makeup said...

i thought you said you were out of ideas for these challenges! haha. You LIED!

Great items!