Friday, September 12, 2008

September Update!

Well, Summer is pretty much over here at the Henahan House! School has resumed, and the baby is well on her way! My C-section is still scheduled for December 1st, until after my sugar test on the 23rd.

We leave for Coco Beach on Wednesday. We are spending almost a week there... hopefully hurricane free! But we need a Vacation!

Yesterday was Big James Birthday, he wanted to have his cake today, and we are going out to dinner tonight! Should be fun. He wants my Grandma's Carrot Cake for his Birthday Cake, so I don't get away with a store bought or box cake! Lucky me.

James number 2 loves his new teacher, and is really excited to have his two BFF's From last year in his class.
Here are some pics from his First Day back... Thanks Grandma for the Extra Large Backpack... he refuses to use the smaller one that is actually his size now!

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