Monday, August 26, 2013

Teacher Gifts. Teacher Tote Tutorial.

School is starting again.... So, I need to come up with some new Teachers' gifts.
Here are my end of the year gifts from last year.
I told you before... I have a small problem with my embroidering.
I would use lighter thread or different fabric on the darker one, if I had thought it through!
These hold a Binder and Books perfectly!

Here are my directions for your own... 
Made up my own design .... Cut: Fabric #1 14x14 (2), Lining Fabric 14x14 (2), Fabric #2 6x14 (2), Lining Fabric 6x14 (2), Handle Fabric 2.5x40, Medium or Heavy Weight Interfacing 14x14(2), 6x14(2). Iron Interfacing to Fabric #1 and Fabric #2, leave lining pieces unlined. Sew 14x14 lining pieces on left and right sides and a few inches on each side of bottom. leaving gaping whole in bottom. Sew Fabric #2 6x14 to Lining Fabric 6x14 right sides together, then flip over and top stitch across the pocket. embellish pocket with ribbon or whatever you like. Sew the pocket to the front of each Fabric #1 at the 7 inch mark. Creating two pockets. Place Fabric #1 with pocket sewn to it together and sew sides and bottom together. Cut a 1 3/4 square out of the both bottom corners of this piece and the lining and create a box bottom by lining up the side and bottom in a pinched box and sewing. Turn Fabric #1 with pockets right side out and push out all corners, place down inside the still inside out lining and sew across top. Turn lining right side out through whole left in bottom and top stitch across top. Add Grommets following grommet package, and then fold over the end of the handle strap fabric that you have already folded in half and folded in the rough edge 1/4 inch and ironed and stitched up both sides. And sew and X with a box around it to secure to itself. 
Quick and easy. Took me longer to tell you how!

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