Monday, August 12, 2013

Long Hot Summer.... well the HOT part is right.

Summer is coming to an end. 
And I did a mild amount of crafting this summer. 
Mostly sewing projects for the kids. And embroidering everything they own for school!

I will try to share a few of my projects over the next few months.

I saw "boot socks" for sale, for $35!!!!
Cha. nO.
Try again. 
So, I made my own. 

Here are my first two styles. Using knee socks and lace and crochet lace on a roll (50% off at HL). Turn your knee socks inside out and place around the large arm of your sewing machine, stretch them as you sew the lace on, cut lace trim when you reach the starting point at end. Takes all of 5 minutes. tah dah.