Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tumbler Buddy 3 Hop

OH! My buddy and I, we are sad pair this round! We both have been sick and had some mailing troubles as well! I think we did finally get sorted out...

and Leslie sent along this FABULOUS lot of pretties! Beyond awesome!!!
Don't mind the bedspread! I am currently on strict bed rest with a bout of pneumonia that will not quit. It is either this... or a trip to the hospital. It still may be a trip to the hospital, but I am thinking positively!!! Takayasu's isn't going to get me today :)


Corinne said...

Oh this is WONDERFUL Rachel.. that cup is AWESOME!!! So sorry you are ill, we didn't know... here's get well hugs!

Ginger said...

lots of wonderful goodies, I love the tumbler