Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Long HOT Summer

Boy it has been a long hot summer. No hotter than I would expect here in Texas.
But we did happen to move just in the thick of it! yick.
I have some projects to blog about... but boy am I tired!
Our house was only 2 miles from the old one... but this one has a pool! phew.
Moving is exhausting though.
My 3 year old, she is a strange bird. I wouldn't expect to have a daughter that was normal though.
She beats her own drum, and you should all march to that. :)
She is obsessed with all things wedding?!?
Strange to me, I NEVER cared about wedding stuff. I NEVER wanted to have a wedding. I just showed up to mine. My mom planned a beautiful event! :)
Since I started sewing, my daughter has started requesting dresses! I am not a very good seamstress by the way!
Her request: A wedding dress!
Hubby said NO, immediately. 
But with Daddy Daughter Prom coming up at church... I thought ... she will need a dress! Hahah.
 I used this Tutorial for the dress! It has a tying sash in the back and some gorgeous sparkly buttons she picked out. We modged podged some old ballet flats with glitter for Cinderella slippers! 
Picked up a Tiara at Sam Moon for wicked cheap.
There was nothing more spectacular than seeing how happy she was... she came home wiped out. She woke up when he laid her down, so she could tell me about the hokey pokey and the chicken dance.
I never thought I could be a good Mom to a girl... but so far, I got this. Call me in 10 years. TEEN YEARS!