Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crazy Company Countdown.... POST ONE SWEET PEA

I am a stamp - w$%*#.
Yup I said it.
I do not stay faithful to one company. Yet, I love them all.
They each get a portion of my money every month... til it is all gone.
Yes, TRUE, I do stick to a few faves. Paper Makeup Stamps is owned by my BFF. And I am slightly addicted to The Greeting Farm stamps. Truth be told, I probably have every single stamp made by these two awesome chicks, minus four or five. Literally. NO lie.

I am going to play a little game with myself. To get myself to use all of these stamps I have - calling out to me. Love me, Ink me - USE me.
I am going to do a company countdown. Each new post I will use a stamp from a different company to see how many I really have!!!! I may not want to know ;)

Wanna play along.... join me... only stamp-floozies are allowed. Those good girls who stand by one manufacturer need not apply -ahahahah.

Here is POST ONE.

Sweet Pea Stamps - A Ching- Chou Kuik Fantasy Art Creation

So join me ... for a Crazy Company Countdown... if you are playing along on your blog... send me a link!!!


Renie said...

Sassy and sexy...great stamp!

I accept your challenge, though I have to come visit to get better with blending with my copics!

Katie Cotton said...

i LOVE this idea! How super fun!