Monday, November 16, 2009

Crazy Company Countdown.... POST FIVE PAPER MAKEUP STAMPS

OKAY. So you all knew it. I ALMOST got tricky and went another direction. BUT I gotta stay true and predictable..... and rep my girl Katie.

You can find this 'Moody' Girl over at Paper Makeup Stamps, along with fairies, monsters and MORE!!!!

BRANDI is my winner for today. But I have some more giveaways planned ... so come back for more!!!


Brandi said...

She is gorgeous! I love how the colors work so well together... I don't think I have ever used that combo, but I will now! :)


P.S. Yea Me! I love blog candy! :) Thank you Rachel!

Katie Cotton said...

love it! the card is fab... and can i say i love her blush? hehehehe