Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a few of my favorite things.

Lately I have been asked by more than a few people where I get certain things... and they are always a few of my favorite things, so I am happy to share.

I am a very conservative yet semi-hippiechic kinda girl. I have two kids, and I am not real interested in being a stiletto mom. My clothes are soft, versatile, often organic. I LOVE 'crafted' clothing and jewelry.

I like to goof around often. Here we are at Arts, Beats & Eats in Pontiac, Michigan over Labor Day Weekend, wearing hats from Webhats... and glasses from who knows where. But my son and I LOVE funny hats. (I am the pizza)

I also discovered that I LOVE the designs here at ellembee.
I will be wearing more of these this year.
I can already see myself in a few more shirts.

You may have already knew this, but I love CraeVita.
I barely EVER wear ANY jewelry, even my wedding ring.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bracelet that my hubby had Custom made for me here.
It is simply amazing. Goes with everything, and is stunningly crafted.

If you see me on a pretty regular day, I will more than likely be wearing one of these organic tees. I am ABSOLUTELY addicted to them. I have a million, literally. well, I have one for MORE than everyday of the week, that is for sure. I HIGHLY recommend the Yoga pant, worth every penny. I am rockin those in the very first picture at the top of this blog, you may not have noticed, since I have a pizza on my head. If you are in Michigan, you can get them at It's a Matter of Taste in the carryout... and you can get the best meal eva of course too... The missy pasta definitely qualifies as one of my favorite things as well.

Okay, so those are my FAVORITE things.

P dot S. If you were in my kitchen and washed your hands or used the lotion... I get asked this A LOT... the soap is from Stonewall Kitchen. Yes it is AWEsome.

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Katie Cotton said...

hehe, love all the pictures. Will i be seeing you wearing the pizza hat anytime soon??