Saturday, May 17, 2008

Now that I saw your face...

Now that I have seen my sweet little baby...
It seems so real! I have to start thinking about all of the stuff I need to do to prepare.
We are getting the guest room ready, and pulling the stuff out of the attic that we saved. I am hoping to have that mostly ready by next month. So, after we find out the sex, it will be easy to just paint!
James Paul is getting a Big boy Bed... a full sized one. He is currently in the crib which converts to a toddler bed. We are going to move the crib into the babies room. He is excited about having a big bed, he really wants one like Uncle Ricky's, which he thinks is so cool. But that is pretty high up!
I have been trying to plan what I need for the baby. It's hard when you don't know what it is going to be!
I have a few friends who have recently had babies, so I know what kind of stuff they have for their tots.
I know I want one of those bumbo seats! Jen had one for her little guy and it was so cute to see him sitting up when he was so tiny!
We need to get a new infant seat for the new born age, so I have been researching consumer reports, and think I have decided on the Graco snugride... so unless someone tells me otherwise, I will probably go with that.
And I have found some fun stuff for myself that I think I must have! Like the BabyCook by Beaba... I made all James Paul's Baby food... and this looks so easy.
Also, I have come to the unfortunate stage of having to wear make-up... I look so tired! Thank goodness my bestie is a make-up artist!!!! hahhaha I have started wearing mineral makeup and just love it!!!!! I have a real hard time wearing regular makeup and foundation/coverup doesn't soak into my face! So, I am so happy to have something I can wear... and my sweet hubby got me some for Mother's Day. I really want to Try the Bare Minerals stuff, but I like the Demure he got for me!
That's about all that has been going on here, I have been obsessed with baby stuff and trying to feel better. I gained 1 lbs. Which is fabulous. I am at 106. I am hoping to be at 108 by the end of the month! Wish me luck and fast food!

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Paper Makeup said...

i want a bumbo too! I never saw them until jack was like 6 months old and by then it seemed silly. :) We should do a baby registry together. well not TOGETHER together. meaning we should go browse together. hehehe.