Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mama Drama Update!!!!

Inquiring Minds want to know... I know! Here it is... I had my prenatal appointment yesterday. It went well, considering. They did threaten to hospitalize me, but in the end let me go home. So I am happy. The doctor was great, he was a little concerned about the baby so he pulled out the ultrasound machine and we got to see the baby. The baby was kicking its legs like crazy!!!! Just like James Paul... no wonder I am so sick!
I got a bag full of fun mommy stuff, and a prescription for some $800 pills that are suppose to make me well... so far so good this morning. Thank goodness for insurance!!!!!!
The doctor said I can resume some normal activity, but that I should take it real easy. He said, my body is living off its fat stores, and I need to get hydrated fast.
I go back on Thursday, if I am hydrated, then they will not hospitalize me. Also, that is the day we will see the baby again, and tell when the delivery will occur.
We are having a planned c-section this time, so it should be easy for any family who wants to be there. I am not willing to put my sweet little baby at risk again, and the doctor agreed. We don't want the baby in distress!

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Paper Makeup said...

glad you got someone looking out for ya now! :)