Wednesday, October 23, 2013

NO more Halloween Dresses, I promise. Last one.

My kid, really really really likes scary stuff. She was born that way.
She was always disappointed when the bad guy looses his battle.
She loves the Wicked Witch. 
She is referred to as the evil Genius in our house. 
I have an equally opposite Son, who would NEVER play the bad guy in pretend. And together they are quite the pair!
Soooo, Halloween is a favorite of hers. She gets to wear the spookiest stuff, and celebrate her love of scary.
This is the last Dress, I promise.
I was just loving this fabric by Alexander Henry: Ghastlies!
 My Favorite part is the rhinestone Zipper. I am just loving all of the notions that are out now. Little touches that really stand out. 

I used THIS Simplicity Pattern. I would say it is a good one for beginners. It was not very difficult. I used a trim instead of making ruffles for the black. 

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