Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hello Y'all.

I know it has been a while since I have posted. Things have not been going that great health wise. As many of you may have read previously... I have Takayasu's Arteritis. 
I have recently had trouble with my neck being soar and throbbing. 
It turns out my Carotid Artery is 80% Occluded and will require medical intervention. I am a little luckier than the average stent patient... because I am not a 'plaque' build up patient, I am at a lower risk for plaque coming loose and causing a stroke. I am still full of anxiety.
I have a few projects to blog about, But being fatigued and sick has kept my creativity at bay!
Until Tomorrow... Enjoy this giveaway over at Saturated Canary!
Get Lost over there for a while... or the rest of the day! 
Such a great Blog!

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My Healing Story said...

I was diagnosed with Takayasu's a year ago this month. I was doing a google search for something to do with Takayasu's and ran across your blog. I have never met anyone else with Takayasu's before. I was told in April that my Carotid was completely occluded along with my left vertebral. Last September they initially found that my left Subclavian was completely occluded. I understand the anxiety that you are experiencing.However, I love that you are continuing to be creative and live your life and not let it get you down. I know this is a strange way to meet someone but I would love to chat with you about your experiences. My email address is bekanenonen@hotmail.com and my blogspot is