Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Think Pink Blog Hop candy Winner...

Let me say a few things first...

1. I am still looking for my winner from my last Candy... scroll down to find that post!
2. This Hop was TOTALLY awesome... what a Fabulous group of bloggers and hoppers!!! Y'all rock!!
I am slowly making to all of your blogs... I want to favorite each of you!
3. The stamp set I used was from VERVE. On sale here for $20 and $10 goes to Susan G Komen!!!

4. I am having a sale on Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets in my etsy shop.  These Bracelets were inspired by my very own survivor, My Granny! She loves hers!

Now, onto my WINNER!!! I had my son pull a name from a Hat... he loves to do it that way, he gets practice writing all the names on slips of paper, counting each one, and then drawing a name!
My Winner:

I can not wait to see you all for the Veterans day hop!!! And I am sure I will be doing some more posting and candy before then! At least I am hoping so!

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Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Congratulations Java Jen! You are so deserving!