Friday, September 3, 2010

Guess who?

Guess who made Arelia into a Rubber stamp? Bet you already guessed, or you probably already knew!
Katie Did!
Swing over to Paper Makeup Stamps and take a peek!
So Adorable.
When I told Arelia to take a look, she immediately pointed out the purse in the picture of Katie's Card.
She was already dressed in her Dora Princess Pretend Dress and and Shoes, so she ran to get a purse... or 4. 
Yes, My Daughter has problems. Odd thing is, I wanted a boy! And I am kind of a hippie. She is ALL girl. Good thing Grandma and Aunt Marissa are so girly.

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doverdi said...

I've just been admiring your gorgeous jewelery. I love your multi string necklaces & bracelets posted further back.