Monday, August 23, 2010

Well Hooowdy Y'all

Or is it Hawwwdy Y'all...
I am not sure.
Well, it is official... by boy is off to school, and we are all moved in to our New house in Texas!
And Truthfully, no one has said HOWDY to me, in the stereotypical Texas format!
Now, my new house, has a HUGE crafting space for me... all to myself, walk in closet and all... but don't you just know, I am having trouble getting the space the way I want it!
Until then, here is some other exciting news - I opened an ETSY shop!!!
Check me out, if you have an ETSY - 'heart me' and I'll 'heart' you back!!! :)

Here is a Rosary Style Necklace that I made, it is all the rage right now... my gal pal Kel and I have been eying them and she has made a few, so I thought I would give it a try!!!

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McCine said...

Love, love, love it!! I have YET to find the time to try my hand at these or any other of my beading projects on my [fast-growing] list!! agh! Seems like I'm swamped in swaps, RAKs and events all of a sudden. Oh, and I'm also in the middle of the craft space dilemma as well... my sister bestowed her entire craft station, complete with crafty goodness on me since she has decided to move onto other paths in life -- I'm still arranging.. and re-arranging things almost 3 weeks later. SHEESH!! I really need to check out your Etsy shop -- CONGRATS ON THE YER NEW VENTURE AND BEST WISHES!!! I'll be sure to wear my necklace proudly and get the word out -- I ADORE IT and wear it regularly and have had a ton of compliments on it! ;-)