Monday, August 3, 2009

Everlasting Life Thanks by VERVE.

Here is a little Thank you Card for my Mother's Friend. I think I will just take a minute to tell you about the friend... not the card!!!
She is Amazing. My Mother's Friend. Her name is Monica.
I live far from my Mother. But I know that Monica will always be there for her. And that Monica will tell her when she is wrong and love her anyway!
I worry a lot about my Mom. She is 'a lot of fun'... hahahha.
I am her conservative daughter. Go figure.
Monica is my Conservative second Mother.
No wonder I like her so much!!!!

Monica is always helping. When my Dad passed... it was a hard time for me... My parents had not really ever been together in my lifetime. So I was alone in a lot of things. My Mom was super awesome and did so much, even though her and my father had not spoken in YEARS. Well, needless to say, my mom arranged a wonderful luncheon for after the burial.
Monica showed up, and PUT ON AN APRON. AN APRON. She was trying to WORK!
How amazing is that.

For my Mom's Birthday this year... Monica arranged secretly for Myself, My husband and my two kids (my Mom's only grandchildren) to come all the way to Michigan for the celebration, and arranged a surprise party for the occasion!
My Mom Cried - I have never seen that really happen before!!! :)
So this is a thank you for all she has done for my Mother.
It means so much knowing that I can not be there for her, that she has a friend that is.


Kim said...

OMG Rachel, that is the most beautiful card and very loving story. I am so glad you are feeling better and able to make such a special trip.

Katie Cotton said...

Love the card! Fantab job.

The Mama Monkey said...

Beautiful card with an even more beautiful meaning.

TannyP said...

That's phenomenal! Beautiful card!!

Stamp Talk with Tosh said...

This is beautiful Rachel!! Love the browns. And your sketch is awesome!!

4furbabies said...

I just love this card- I make a lot for our church.
God Bless