Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hi Friends. I promise I have not kicked the bucket.

I am struggling day to day. But getting by. My weight is down to 94lbs, I am weak and fatigued. My Doctor's for whatever reason, can not seem to get motivated to take this gallbladder out. I go in today for a surgical consult, and I am hoping I am scheduled way sooner than later for removal. I was not keen on the idea at first. But at this point, I would let a monkey operate on me.


Rosemary said...

Rachel, I hope you get something scheduled soon...otherwise, I think I would find another doctor! I hope you can get everything taken care of and start feeling better soon! Hugs, Rosemary

Katie Cotton said...

big hugs!!!!!

Scrappymom said...

Will be thinking of you tomorrow!