Monday, March 23, 2009

Asian Style Necklace

I have been trying my hand at jewelry. I made some rockin bracelets. so fun. So I thought I would check out try my hand a necklace... I made this for an awesome chic online who hosted a swap I was in recently. I used leather cord and a charm for a closure.

Here are some of my bracelets the pictures are terrible... my little sister and I took them super fast in bad lighting/camera settings etc.


Christi said...

How awesome!! I LOVE handmade jewelry!

Jenn J said...

Very, very nice! I love the handmade jewelry too and the stone is awesome.

~*Joni said...

EEEK!!! I don't know what makes me happier - that you called me an awesome chic or that I am never taking this necklace off!!! HAHA! Thank you sooooo much Rachel. This was the nicest surprise on a rainy Wednesday. And btw, it's even more fabulous IRL. ;) It's still unfair that you have looks, personality AND talent. Bleh. teehee!