Thursday, January 29, 2009

Countdown to Club Anya... Thursday.

Club Anya is coming, Club Anya is coming... I am going to countdown the days on my Blog!
The Greeting Farm is introducing a new Anya, and debuting its all new Fan club... CLUB ANYA! You can find all the info on the The Greeting Farm Blog or Here from the Club VP Jessica!
Club Anya: Sunday February 1st

Did you know that The Greeting Farm has Digital stamps and Kits??? Great price, and instant stamp gratification make digital and excellent option! I printed this Dorothy on my cheap printer using georgia pacific, and my copics worked lovely on them!

Sketch 213 on SCS

Love Dimension.

Close up Anya.

My lil sister and I share the same love for The Wizard of Oz. We are complete opposites in every other way. (she's a blond by the way) I took her to see it when she was 5 on my college campus, and she cried.

The Inside of the card says:

Little Sister,

Don't be afraid to BE Dorothy!
Don't be afraid to ...

- travel an unknown road.
- see the world in color.
- sport a gorgeous pair of shoes, even when you are dressed like a farm hand. (There is greater value in a fab pair of shoes than just High Fashion)
- search for a great man that turns out to be all smoke and mirrors. (He may teach you everything you already knew)
- find courage.
- discover your heart.
- gain knowledge.
- make great friends to share your journey.
- melt your fears.

And if along the way you happen to forget... then close your eyes and remember... "There is no place like home!"


~*Joni said...

I LOVE IT!!! I don't know what's sweeter though, the entire card or your relationship with your sister. ;)

Anita Hovey said...

I love that card...especially the sentiment...I can't think of things to say that are anywhere's near that poetic!

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

LOVE it! And her bangs popped up are GREAT!

Ziggyeor said...

oh I love that sentiment! How wonerful and such a cute card to boot!

Ziggy Fiskateer 4832

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

SOO pretty! Love the hair and the colors and the coloring - and the inside is so sweet!

kadie said...

Rachel, all your cards are adorable!! Are there any stamps from TGF you don't have? I'm jealous!!

Anjou Krelovich said...

So sweet! I love the inside too!

Amy said...

VERY cute!